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Putting the Brakes on Affiliation. Evolutionary psychologists propose that humans evolved a first line of defense against pathogens: Because conspecifics are sources of infection, the BIS has implications for affiliation.

Elevated BIS activation was associated with decreased attraction and affiliative behavior in situations that varied in the trade-off between social reward and potential risk of infection. These results were not due to attachment style, personality traits, or disgust sensitivity.

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This suggests that in social interactions, approach motivation associated with the need to belong may be weighed against avoidance motivation associated with the need to protect the self from disease. Daily Experiences and Relationship Well-Being: The Paradoxical Effects of Relationship Identification. Even couples in healthy romantic relationships experience conflict at times.

We examine whether relationship identification the extent to which the relationship is incorporated into the self predicts immediate reactivity to partner transgressions and also promotes global resilience over time. Sixty-three couples participated in a two-week event-contingent diary study.

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On a daily basis, experiencing more partner transgressions than usual predicted decreases in relationship well-being and increases in negative affect. This within-person association was stronger for those high in relationship identification. However, after two weeks, changes in global relationship evaluations of low identifiers, but not of high identifiers, were contingent on the accumulation of partner transgressions and the degree of negative affect in response to these daily transgressions.

This study suggests that internalizing a relationship into the self does not blind intimates to immediate negative events but rather provides a basis for their global relationship evaluations that is not contingent on recent events. This article is protected by copyright.

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Forty-five couples were recruited during their visit to a bridal salon. Five months later, participants again completed the demographic questionnaire and the dyadic trust scale. The implications of this finding are discussed. Social identity change in response to discrimination. This study investigated the conditions under which discrimination can lead to social identity changes among members of a minority group.

Both positive and negative relations between perceptions of discrimination and social identity have previously been reported. To explain the conflicting results and understand the complex reality of members of stigmatized groups, we argue that group-based emotions e. We hypothesized that perceptions of discrimination would play a moderating role between group-based dissatisfaction and social identity change in a context of ambiguous, but not of overt, discrimination.

The sample was comprised of Arab Muslims living in the province of Quebec. Results revealed that for participants in the overt discrimination condition, only group-based dissatisfaction was positively associated with social identity change. In contrast, for the participants in the ambiguous discrimination condition, those who perceived little discrimination and felt low group-based dissatisfaction reported a decrease in social identity. However, those who perceived low group discrimination and felt high group-based dissatisfaction reported a positive social identity change.

The motivation-management model suggests that people are equipped with a variety of motivated strategies to mitigate against relationship threats such as conflicts of interests and partner transgressions. We propose that such strategies are more likely to be enacted when the nature of the threat is calibrated with the motivational basis for relationship maintenance.

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We experimentally manipulated feedback to dating couples about value similarity regarding a possible pregnancy decision similar vs. Using multilevel modeling, we found that individuals highly identified with their relationship increased their baseline positive relationship evaluations in response to the threat of value dissimilarity.

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