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What does Alexa do? And how does it work?
  1. Set Up Your Echo Dot
  2. ​Amazon Alexa ultimate guide: How to set up and use your Echo speaker
  3. What is the Amazon Echo, and how does it work?
  4. 2. Basic Alexa Commands and Adding Skills
  5. How to set up your new Amazon Echo - CNET

To use it, you'll need a Fire TV device. Since one of the more popular uses for Alexa is setting timers, Amazon has now decided to give us the Echo Wall Clock. The smart clock gives users a way to visualize the timers they set, with LED lights running around the face. Alexa isn't built in here, but you are able to sync up and existing device and connect to the Wall Clock through Bluetooth.

There's no details regarding a release, but you can sign up for updates through Amazon. There you were, thinking you would have to go without Alexa in your microwave for another year. Well, hopscotch, luckily for you, the AmazonBasics Microwave is here to help.

Set Up Your Echo Dot

This isn't native Alexa, but you can sync up your Alexa devices through Bluetooth and ask it to cook your ready meals. Another example of Amazon using it's assistant to make regular devices smart. The smart doorbell works exclusively with the Amazon Echo Show, the first Alexa-powered device with a screen.

When someone rings your doorbell, the video feed will be displayed on your Echo Show, so you can screen important callers from annoying timewasters. Like Nest, the smart thermostat can be controlled using baked in Alexa integrations — but Alexa control permeates the Hive experience. Control of Hive plugs and bulbs is also part and parcel of the experience, making it one of the most complete smart home systems available.

Alexa has been able to control Philips Hue bulbs since the get-go.

​Amazon Alexa ultimate guide: How to set up and use your Echo speaker

Not only does that mean turning your lights on and off, but you can quickly change tone and hue, as well as setting pre-loaded scenes. The integration enables you to play music in specific rooms of your house, and play, pause and adjust volume. If you have any kind of Amazon Echo device other than the Echo Plus, you will need to set up those devices as per the manufacturers' instructions, then head to the Skills tab within the Alexa app.

Download the required skill for your device, sign in, and you'll then give Alexa control of that device. Paired devices will then appear within the Smart Home section of the app. Check out our full guide to adding and controlling devices with your smart speaker. Where things get really smart with using Amazon Alexa as a smart home hub is that it can take over control of a host of devices. By creating groups from within the Smart Home element of the Alexa app you can add any device into a single group, which can be controlled by voice.

Choose Smart Home Group and give it a name. Tick the devices you'd like to add, and then you're done. A fine example is lighting, where you can add all your bulbs from the downstairs into one group and control it with "Alexa, turn off downstairs lights", before you go to bed for example. Of course, you might not want every light turned off or on, so you can also separate them into other groups: Alexa will also detect and import set scenes which have already been set up within specific ecosystems. During a scan of your network, scenes will be added to the Alexa app, as long as they're set up and you've installed the relevant skills.

A new Alexa feature is Routines, which enable you to merge multiple smart home actions into one command. That could mean saying "Alexa, bedtime" and having all your downstairs lights turn off, and your bedroom lights turn on. This differs to Groups because a Routine can control the state of a device e. Check out our guide to Alexa Routines for a guide to setting yours up.

What is the Amazon Echo, and how does it work?

Just tell Alexa using the following commands. When you've been using Alexa for a while, she can get a little verbose for common commands.

Enable Brief Mode and you can replace a lot of what she says with a simple beep — you won't look back. Enable Alexa for guests. Alexa doesn't have a guest-mode like Google Assistant quite yet, but if you want visitors to your home or Airbnb customers to enjoy the benefits of your Echo speaker, you can fudge it using Amazon Blueprints.

Follow our guide to find out how. Master multi-rom audio with multiple Echo devices. Music is a huge part of Alexa's make-up — and it does a pretty good Sonos impression, letting you play fully in sync music across multiple Echo speakers. This means you can move between rooms in your house and get a good audio experience, or do a better job of filling sound in a big room. Alexa can listen out for suspicious activity such as b reaking glass or smoke alarms, and alert you if it hears something.

This only works in the US for now. Turn on Alexa's Whisper Mode. With whisper mode, Alexa will respond more softly if you, well, whisper your command, instead of speaking normally. Okay, a non-useful but really interesting tip to start.

  1. Download the Alexa app.
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  3. Get off to the best start with your new smart speaker.
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  5. Everything you need to know about the Amazon Echo - CNET.
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Alexa has a ton of accents to choose from and you can change them within the app. Australian, Indian, British, Canadian — the list is expanding quickly.

2. Basic Alexa Commands and Adding Skills

We've also made a list of all the Amazon Alexa accents if you're curious. Use Apple Music on your Amazon Echo.

New Alexa features incoming

Apple surprised us all by giving Echo users access to its music service, meaning you can control all your Apple Music tracks using your voice. Check out our guide to get it set up. Use Alexa EQ to change bass and treble.

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  • How to set up your new Amazon Echo?
  • A new feature enables you to ask Alexa to change audio levels including bass and treble. Read our guide for a list of commands you can ask. There's an almost exhaustive list of smart home tech compatible with Alexa, but there's still plenty trying to go it alone. Use Alexa to control Sonos speakers. While there are Sonos speakers with Alexa built in, you can get the features retrospectively. The Alexa Sonos skill enables you to take voice control of any of the company's speakers — check out our guide to every Alexa Sonos command you need to know.

    How to set up your new Amazon Echo - CNET

    Set Spotify as your primary music source. Spotify users have probably noticed that the Amazon Echo doesn't have a skill. Well, you can set Spotify as your Echo's default music service. Some people will be surprised to know that Amazon stores recordings of your voice in the cloud, which not everyone will be comfortable with. If you want rid, you can delete all voice data by heading to www. Check out our guide on how to delete your Amazon Echo voice data for a full run-down.

    Change the Alexa wake word.

    Amazon Echo Dot Unboxing and Setup

    Want Alexa to respond to a different name? You can change the wake word to 'Computer' or a whole range of things. Go on, dare to be different. The Alexa Calling feature enables you to make calls between Alexa devices or via the Alexa app — newly supported on iOS, Android phones and tablets, including Amazon Fire products as well. To make an Alexa call you can just ask "Alexa call [contact name]," or go to the Conversations tab within the Alexa app and pick a contact from there. You can only call contacts in your phone book who have themselves own an Amazon Echo speaker and have registered for the service.

    Drop In works slightly differently. Drop In with Alexa enables you to call and talk to another Alexa speaker, without anyone answering the call. This is essentially an intercom between rooms in your house. Just say "Alexa, drop in on the [say Echo device name]" to be patched into other areas of your home, and immediately get two-way audio.