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When there was warmup, halftime, and post-game all-talk, I felt like there was more sportsmanship. It's fucking impossible to come up with strategies when 1 player doesn't have a mic, 1 is intent on lurking the entire time, and 1 is an edgy 16 year old more bent on yelling expletives and racial slurs than actually playing the game.

I'm so happy they banned pre-game talk. It's cut down on the amount of racist bullshit I have to hear out of the mouths of teenagers significantly. I don't get to banter with the other team any more, but at least I don't have to listen to some 14 year old smurf screaming racial slurs down the microphone at half time either. I really wish they kept it. I met a lot of fun people during warmup and halftime: Like how I met this guy, we had a chat, and then he carried me to GN1 hahahaa was ages ago btw.

Steam Community :: Group :: Australian CS:GO Matchmaking

The worst was guacamole song, it drove me nuts after 4min warmup: This post was a mistake, the song is still playing in my head one hour later. Three hours later and I'm still pondering why she accuses the poor avocado. Was it a passion crime? Guilty avocado, guilty avocado, guilty avocado, guacamole. I loved to talk shit in warmup, so when the game began I was already chatty. Now I only talk the necessary callouts.

This, so much this i so badly want valve to bring it back talking shit and telling jokes was one of my favorite parts of the game and half time banter was almost like the twitch stream. Mate you don't want to play during the middle of the day during school holidays in Australia, you're going to encounter some 'interesting' people. The only time I've ever deranked is during school holidays. All the kids like to go afk and only buy pistols.

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The banter in Strayan MM is fucking grouse. My headphones broke so I was playing with speakers for a short stretch, my sister was practically rolling on the ground laughing at some of the shit going down whenever she was in the room. Literally never see players like this, only ever get the ones who think they're pro and shit talk the whole game. Pretty much all but one of my games in Aussie MM have been crazy toxic. My US sojourns have typically been more pleasant.

NZ / AU players thanks

Yeah, unfortunately it's usually less funny and more obnoxious and toxic as fuck. Play aussie MM for a day and you can really see why people think we're all racist. There's no way those guys were solo queuing.

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Note also that they were winning, if they were losing i don't think there'd be as much laughter. Wish we could have that fun in Europe, instead we get Screaming Russians, kids and raging swedes: I'm from England, us Brits have similar banter to the Aussies, but most people take us too seriously and think we're being toxic: It's funny as fuck tho if you have a sense of humour. Is there a secret brit server with good people? The only other instance is when they tell you site is clear and 3 CT's are sitting in the corner waiting for a ninja defuse.

Anybody have a link the video that was just like this except with Brits????? I saw it posted a while ago, never could find it again. GO Bullshittery part 2 [ Hahaha that looks like SO much fun. All my buddies take that game so seriously and fight all the time.

CS:GO Australia matchmaking in a nutshell

However, they give out free one week codes to give you a trial on what it's like to use their services. Post here to acquire one yourself and experience it yourself - http: Should I avoid them? If a player has a VAC ban on record, it means at one point in time they decided to cheat and got caught. GO will earn a player a 12 month suspension from all CS: If you see a player who has previously been banned, approach them with caution.


Some cheaters reform themselves and play fairly, but others just repeat their mistakes again and give you a bad reputation. Contacting an Administrator for support If you need help with something feel free to contact an administrator. If you require assistance that is not urgent Reporting a cheater, need your steam ID changed etc Be sure to include the following: All relevant information including: GO section with a descriptive title!

Other If you need to know anything or have any questions you also can ask any Administrator or Staff within the community for some assistance. This thread will be regularly updated to suit the changes over time.

Nice writeup, good idea! Really helpful write up for new players joining the CS: Great guide, explained well. Nice work, deserves a sticky. Helped me a lot. Bump, had some spare time so decided to update this since it was clearly out of date 1. Getting quite a lot of messages from new players on how CG works. Seems to be an increase in new players.

If desired, use the team tag goMM. Since Leetway went down, we haven't got a designated man place.

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    FaceIT basically better version of matchmaking with tournaments as well. Unity is an admin controlled PUG service, with high skilled players. GO discord is down 26 December, - Lash 0 Comments. Lash 26 Dec, 4: Here is a new invite to the pre-existing Discord as well: