Gd and cl dating 2013

  1. [Pics & Slight Supporting Evidence] Do you believe GD & CL had a "some" relationship in the past?
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  3. GD spotted on another date with Kiko ~ Netizen Buzz
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While Kiko answered questions about her book, questions surrounding her love life also surfaced. New article came out where G-dragon tries to deny his relationship with Kiko: This is the first time taht G-Dragon has spoken to directly deny this. Kiko attended on a Marc Jacobs event where she bought Marc Jacobs x Playboy shirt limited she said it was for a friend. Yes it could be. Jiyong could bought it to himself or Kiko could bought it to him as a friend. Originating from a popular internet forum, photos suggesting that the two went on dates quickly spread like wildfire.

[Pics & Slight Supporting Evidence] Do you believe GD & CL had a "some" relationship in the past?

The pair are seen eating together, and are snapped at an amusement park. Many people say that the first pic is photoshopped. Why would someone photoshop a pic like this? And if it is, where is the real pic of Kiko? I think they have token them around May. Same time when Ji wore the Playboy shirt. Kiko and Jiyong met. She gave him the shirt and they hung out as friends?

This could be correct. But it could be a date too. In the middle of the year G-dragon made Twitter. He followed Kiko, then Kiko followed him back. After this he also made an instagram account. In a recent evidence posted, a photo of Baba Nest Sri Panwa was released astounding fans of the similarity it has to the photo that G-Dragon posted earlier on his twitter account.

Gd cl dating 2013

It has been said that a random person who never knew who Big Bang is, uploaded a photo on his instagram account of the three lads, sitting on the big pillows at Sri Panwa pool under the pink skies of Phuket on Christmas Day. He tagged his post with sripanwa, which gives away the information to the prying eyes of netizens. The back profile of the guy on the photo similarly resembled G-Dragon, as seen on this airport photo of his, and the girl on the photo resembled a lot like Miss Kiko.

So what could be the cause why the fans identified the girl as Kiko? Both GD and Kiko returned back to Seoul together the day after.

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It has been described that Mizuhara Kiko was wearing a KTZ dress, the day she and G-Dragon flew back to Seoul, from Phuket on the 26th of December, as seen on this photo taken by the fan:. This is the KTZ dress she wore at the airport which she also happen to model in this photo.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

So the third person might be Harry Kim since he also posted a photo in Phuket. Again, many people say this photo is also photoshopped and in this case i have to agree, because it looks really weird. They really could be together that time since G-dragon and Kiko were both there.

I have to say this is not a clear case. Around Christmas time, each of the members had 2 — 3 days off for themselves. Not a big thing. They both write a msg on twitter, and G-dragon went to Dolce Vita with his friends. Some say Kiko was there too, but there is no proof. Once in spring, in August but she could be there on the 18th and in December. And also, that was a time when Kiko and GD had "taken a break" from the relationship as well but later on got back together at the end of It seemed like they were closer than ever with all the new moments, and pictures being taken of the duo left and right.

Now these pictures could very much just be "brother and sister", but these fancams and gifs of the two around the time of GD's concert are questionable at the least. And, sexual, in some moments as well.

GD spotted on another date with Kiko ~ Netizen Buzz

And then there's the ever-so "what actually happened" fancam that everyone was wondering about. CL kissing GD's cheek at an after party.

Lastly, the most questionable out of all of these things; GD had posted an ''April Fools" joke April 1st, on twitter stating that him and CL's relationship was "hidden' and that YG allowed them to date since they were deeply in love with each other for a long time. Due to the response from fans questioning just WHY GD would joke around like that considering everyone thought he was still with Kiko; and why he deleted it only 3 minutes after posting it..

Skydragon PART 2 - G-Dragon & CL - through years [April 2014 - 2017]

Here's the link to the article of what GD actually posted on his twitter. So, with all of this information and pictures given, what is your conclusion?

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Do you actually think there might have been something, or was it something else? Such as fanservice for the shippers? I think there was something going on, but it ended quickly after the patch up with Kiko and GD, and other factors we don't know of. I can find more "evidence" for daragon, gtop or nyongtory but I still don't think they're real smh. They know how to play the game and how to have fun with it, do things for fans, etc. I sincerely don't think they're even attracted to each other like that, and I say this as someone who used to ship them waaaaaaaay back in the day.

Maybe one or both of them had a crush at one point. To me, they look like close friends who probably could have gone there, but ultimately didn't. Posted 22 June - GD is just so shippable,be it with man or woman. That boy is just love playing with your heart,you know. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.