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  1. Vintage view: How to identify real elephant Ivory
  2. Study: Radiocarbon dating finds illegal ivory in EU markets | Africa Times

Now, another group is reporting they've developed another tool, which is able to distinguish between legal and illegal sold ivory. The technique looks at the radioactive carbon in the ivory, which elephants—and every other living creature on earth—incorporated into their bodies in unusually high levels during the Cold War era. The carbon tells scientists whether a piece of ivory comes from an elephant that died before or after the United Nations banned products made from elephant parts in The tool's creators hope it will help officials prosecute those who harvest and sell ivory illegally.

Vintage view: How to identify real elephant Ivory

Uno worked on the tool as a graduate student at the University of Utah and is now a researcher at Columbia. In spite of the international ban, poachers kill about 25, elephants each year, according to the conservation groups. About , African elephants live in the wild today, according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature's estimates. The tool also works for determining the age—and thus the legal status—of rhinoceros horns, which are poached because some Asian customers believe they cure a variety of ailments.

The belief comes from traditional Chinese medicine, NPR reports , although China removed references to rhino horns from traditional medical books after banning the trade in Uno's team, including biologists and geologists from the U.

  1. Hong Kong convicts two for ivory on radiocarbon dating.
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  6. Age and legality of ivory revealed by carbon-14 dating can fight poachers;

There's always some carbon in the atmosphere, but during the Cold War, aboveground nuclear tests doubled the amount of carbon in the environment. Plants incorporate carbon into their roots, stems and leaves as they grow. A modern scientific laboratory as well as interactive test stations are at the disposal of visitors. Euro 8 - reduced Euro 4 For Information: A scientific laboratory at the service of art.

Study: Radiocarbon dating finds illegal ivory in EU markets | Africa Times

The staff of the laboratory, who speak the main European languages, are at your disposal for any explanations. The laboratory of the Museo d'Arte e Scienza is a non-profit facility and is independent from every point of view.

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Tests carried out by the laboratory: Spectroscopic chemical analyses on pigments, glues, encrustations, patinas, products of corrosion. Scientific, practical and instrumental tests of authenticity on: For more information www.

  • Dating ivory by determination of 14C, 90Sr and 228/232Th.
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  • Other requests may be sent, as always, directly to the Milan laboratory at the following address: For further information about the book. Determination of their authenticity through analysis of colours, binders, pigments and other organic substances. Matthaes Foundation from the opening of the painting school in Dresden in up to the "Museo d'Arte e Scienza" in Milan.

    Sede legale e amministrativa: Today it is possible to recognize authentic ivory very easily Musical instrument in ivory, Africa Buddha temple, China ivory Classification of the material Sometimes, in addition to elephant tusks, the horns of other animals and some kinds of bone are inaccurately included in the category of ivory. The Art Collector's Illustrated Handbook pages Ivory Elephant tusk or Plastic?

    1. Dating ivory by determination of 14C, 90Sr and /Th | Request PDF?
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    Musical instrument in ivory, Africa. Buddha temple, China ivory. Classification of the material. Museo d'Arte e Scienza.